DIAMAP: a new way of working to develop a future research strategy


  • S Hills





The epidemic of diabetes and the burden of mortality and morbidity from complications can only be tackled by research. The present investment in research is not sufficient for the exponential rise in the number of people with diabetes across Europe and the rising costs of treatment and care at such a time of economic uncertainty. It is known that the direct and indirect costs of diabetes far outstrip the investment in research in Europe. There are no real data available on how much is actually spent on research, although this information is easier to obtain from European sources (e.g. European Commission) than national sources. There is also no strategic research plan at the European level for diabetes research, although several member states do have such a plan. EURADIA developed the DIAMAP (road map for European diabetes research) project to attempt to address these issues with two large-scale surveys and a multi-national and multi-professional expert task force. DIAMAP is now coming to a close with the publication of a major report and presentations during the FEND and the EASD meetings. The future road map report has undergone a public consultation period and garnered feedback from across Europe. This article recounts the approach taken to the surveys, database development and structuring the research road maps to ensure that the patient was at the centre.


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